Hello! My name's Chris Amandier, and I'm a paranormal researcher, writer, artist, and the host of Buried Secrets Podcast. I also appear in the upcoming webseries Inhuman Beings.

Every weekday, I blog about the stuff I'm interested in: paranormal and occult weirdness, history, tech, creativity, and nostalgia. I approach subjects as a researcher learning in public, not an expert: the blog/newsletter is focused on sharing what I'm learning and developing my thoughts.

I also create all of the art in this newsletter (unless otherwise stated).

You can subscribe to receive my weekdaily blog posts via Substack, my website, Medium, or the RSS feed. If you only want to subscribe to posts about certain topics, then you can do that! To learn more about subscribing to specific tags via RSS feed, check out these instructions.

My writing has also been published in The Feminine Macabre Volumes I and II.

You can follow me on Mastodon or Instagram. You can email me at buriedsecretspodcast@gmail.com.

I live in Queens, New York, with my wife, seventy houseplants, and a friendly ghost. My pronouns are they/them.

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Writing about the weird, the paranormal, and other things that haunt us. (Currently on hiatus.)


Chris Amandier is a paranormal researcher and the host of Buried Secrets Podcast, a podcast about the paranormal, the occult, and weird and forgotten history.